ATOM LOGIC recognizes that nuclear technology is special and unique. Safety is our top priority in everything we do. ATOM LOGIC’s philosophy is that safety is our highest priority and all injuries are preventable. We recognize that our business is built on the talent of each member of the ATOM LOGIC team and therefore we must do everything possible to ensure their safety.

The safety of our team will never be compromised by financial or schedule demands. Working safely with constant focus on accident prevention and occupational health processes is the most efficient way to protect our business. It is the best way to safeguard our employees and communities in which we are located. ATOM LOGIC ensures its employees are trained in the proper use of PPE.

Excellence in Safety is an outcome of excellence in Human Performance. Effective use of human performance principles and tools prepares us to consider all aspects of the job to ensure success. The ATOM LOGIC team has internalized the tools described in INPO 05-002 Human Performance Tools for Engineers and Other Knowledge Workers.

  • Technical Task Prejob Briefing
  • Self-Checking
  • Questioning Attitude
  • Validate Assumptions
  • Signature