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Nuclear Power Plant Critical Digital Review

Our experienced Senior Reactor Operators and programmers with Scientech Training can develop applications from scratch and efficiently upgrade your PPC.

Look at the Plant Computer Applications We Have Implemented

  • Balance of Plant Calculator

  • Boration and Dilution Calculator

  • CEA Insertion Accounting

  • CEDS – Control Element Drive System

  • Chemistry DAS Interface

  • CWDT – Circulating Water Delta Temperature

  • Data Acquisition System

  • Equipment Monitoring

  • Event Based Timers

  • Excore Detectors

  • General Purpose Interface

  • Incore Detector

  • Interpretive Calculations

  • MMS – Meteorological Measurement System


  • Plant Mode

  • PowerTrax Interface

  • Primary Calorimetric

  • Reactor Coolant Pump Curves

  • Reactor Coolant System Leak Rate

  • Reactivity Calculation

  • RMUX – Remote Multiplexer

  • Secondary Calorimetric

  • SPDS – Safety Parameters Displays System

  • Thermal Margin Low Pressure

  • Xenon Calculator

  • Yokogawa Interface


Computers used in safety and non-safety related systems must be protected from possible intrusions.Our team has unique experience designing, installing and supporting the upgrades needed in today’s digital world.


We have the knowledge and experience in designing and implementing various nuclear systems, safety and non-safety, using Foxboro IA, Triconex, ICS Triplex, and TELEPERM XS vendor platforms.


Our extensive understanding of the technology and plant operations used in digital modifications and upgrades gives us a unique advantage when performing Verification and Validation procedures to ensure there are no flaws in the design engineering.


The knowledge and experience to manage digital I&C projects from proposal development to system commissioning at the plant site.

Client Testimonials

“ATOM LOGIC’s technical detail and insight was top notch with regards to the Software Quality Assurance products they produced for our nuclear power facility!”

-I&C Design Engineer

“ATOM LOGIC already has relationships established with Site Management from Licensing, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, etc. This greatly helped ATOM LOGIC to collect all valuable input and opinions.”

-Senior Project Manager

“The product provided is and will be extremely helpful in providing a trending application of the system performance. Knowledge of the system and the power plant is key to providing a useful and robust product. It is obvious that ATOM LOGIC has employees that can provide that experience.”

-Senior Engineer

“Contract with ATOM LOGIC provided engineers with extensive digital experience with similar cyber security systems and equipment. This facilitated early identification and resolution of system issues and resulted in very short duration system tuning effort.”

– Senior Project Manager

“Below is the kind of attention to detail and digital knowledge that I have not seen from any other vendor we use for modification work.  These guys aren’t just issuing engineering for us.   They fundamentally understand the technology and its relationship to our network.  It is a specialty that takes years of hands-on work to become meaningfully knowledgeable.”

– Lead Responsible Engineer